What Are We Doing to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

Mom and daughter embrace after visiting the pediatric dentist

All About What We Are Doing To Stop The Spread of Covid-19: Materials, Appointment Rescheduling, Screenings and More


In addition to the most strict PPE protocols we currently use, the following is additional:

  • All employees will fill out a COVID related questionnaire daily, and temperature will be recorded.
  • A COVID screening form will be sent to the children the day before to make sure we do not get any sick children in (this will be sent to the emails or be screened upon confirmation calls)
  • All cleanings will be done under Isolite which takes up most aerosols
  • All treatments will be done using extra equipment for aerosols management ( Isolite plus High Volume Suction)
  • We will keep the social distancing rules, so there will be limitation on the number of parents in the rooms (We ask parents to kindly cooperate with these guidelines so we can work to minimize exposure risks)
  •  Only 1 parent and the patient should arrive for scheduled appointment. Please do not bring anyone that does not have an appoinemnt to minimize exposure risks.
  • All patients and staff will be requested to mouth rinse before any treatment.
  • Our Countertops will be clear, everything will be moved away, so we are able to wipe all clinic surfaces between patients including door handles.
  •  We will be cleaning/wiping all surfaces every hour.